Snoop Dogg: Trump Is Disrespecting Each Colour In The World!!


Snoop Dogg remains to be not a Trump fan and lately claimed that the president is “disrespecting each colour on the planet.”

“So, me and my homeboys sittin’ up right here talkin’ about all of the people who President Trump disrespected. Ladies, gays, transgenders, Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, and now veterans. Hmmm. Looks as if he is disrespecting each colour on the planet and all the things that ain’t what he’s, which is a racist,” he says within the video clip.

“With that being mentioned, the people who voted for him acquired precisely what they wished. They gave them what he mentioned he was gon’ do. So, the following muthaf*cka, you higher inform us what we gon’ get in your vote. You higher present up and ship, interval. We simply need some peace, love, equality, and tranquillity for everyone. All lives. Simply primary dialog. Now keep on.”

Is he proper? Is Trump a racist? Try the clip under.